Datar Cancer Genetics


Most frequent questions and answers

Cancertrack™ has been validated clinically on several hundred samples and the process validation meets and exceeds the claimed sensitivity and specificity. Our laboratory is accredited by ISO 9001:2015, ISO 15189: 2012, ISO 27001:2013 and CLIA besides its compliance to “The College of American Pathologists” guidelines. All Cancertrack™ reports are reviewed by our experienced and qualified Molecular Tumor Board, comprising of experts in the field. Our counsellors and experts are available for ongoing support.

The rapid and continuous evolution of the molecular profile of tumors results in tumor heterogeneity, which confers significant survival benefits on the tumor. Cancertrack™ unravels these molecular features in real-time to identify critical signs linked to recurrence or emerging drug resistance and novel vulnerabilities, which empowers the treating clinician to avail optimum treatment strategies to intercept such cancers in a timely manner.

Cancertrack™ should ideally be performed at every important milestone in the fight against cancer and especially when the tumor has disappeared from the conventional imaging/patient is under follow-up for recurrence monitoring.

While Cancertrack™ is extremely robust and multi-dimensional, like every molecular diagnostic technique, constraints naturally arising due to biological function in an individual patient may impact performance. However, such events are usually averaged out in sequential testing.